Defending the Jrue Holiday Trade, a Year Later


In light of Kyle Lowry's new Toronto contract, a league-wide look at point guard salaries

Greg Stiemsma, Melvin Ely, and Trade Chips


Stockpiling assets is the name of the game when you're not in the playoff picture

The Anchor, Greg Stiemsma


We've made much of the effect of Greg Stiemsma on Tyreke Evans, and in general, the disaster when the Unholy Trio is on the floor. Have you wondered though, the effect Steamer has had on the entire...

Anthony Davis


The draft and the superstar New Orleans already has on the roster.

Trading Gordon


Moving Eric Gordon and other trade targets

Restricted Access


Restricted Free Agent Possibilities

MLE Targets


Free agent targets and the Mid-Level Exception

Pelican cap situation


The salary cap and exceptions. A mundane approach.

Time to Throw the Book at Monty Williams


In a season filled with disappointment, yet amid an overabundance of injury, does the coach still deserve to shoulder an ample part of the responsibility?

Let's Start Tyreke


Starting Tyreke Evans seems to be a good idea.


On the Tank, the Draft and Probability


The Pelicans are in a precarious situation that sounds eerily similar to another team's problem not long ago.

Tyreke Evans Needs Shooters


I thought we already went through this? Oh, and that picture? Not a foul. Of course.

Has Demps Done it Again?


Dell Demps might have done it again, plucking a productive player from overseas. And this ride might end up being sweeter than the ones the fanbase experienced with Gustavo Ayon and Brian Roberts.

The Pelicans' Problem


We've got a big problem in our hands that needs answering.

Making Sense of the Tyshawn Taylor Trade


Did Dell Demps Forget About Pierre Jackson?

Ball Movement, a Foreign Concept


**A week ago, I started this series to examine how the Pelicans could possibly circumvent Ryan Anderson being out indefinitely. The first part dealt with Tyreke Evans simply needing more court...

Breaking Bad - When The Injury Bug Strikes


#FullSquadron would be nice, wouldn't it?

Yo Monty, What Gives?


Monty Williams is failing to take advantage of our potential Sixth-Man of the Year Candidate.

Trade Analysis: Trevor Ariza, Emeka Okafor to Washington


Analyzing the Hornets' trade of Okafor and Ariza to Washington for the 46th pick.

Better Know a Prospect: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF - Kentucky


A look at the NBA prospects of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Staturday - Introducing HOOPWAR


Looking at the 2012 NBA Draft with a new stat - HOOPWAR.

Emeka Okafor Season in Review


Emeka Okafor's season in review

Better Know a Prospect: Anthony Davis, C - Kentucky


A look at Anthony Davis, the projected top prospect of the 2012 NBA draft.

On Gustavo Ayon


Gustavo Ayon has played very well for the Hornets since joining the team from Spain in December

A Guide To The New Orleans Hornets: 2011-2012 and Beyond


A run through of what the 2011-2012 Hornets means for the future of the franchise

Hornets trade Chris Paul to Clippers for Gordon, Aminu, Kaman, 1st Round Pick


At long last, a trade has finally been passed through that will send Hornets' superstar point guard Chris Paul, along with two future 2nd round picks, to the Los Angeles Clippers. In return, New...

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