Trade Machine Playing Around

So I decided I wanted to use the trade machine and create a ridiculously complicated trade scenario. Just thought I would share it. Involves the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, New Orleans Pelicans, and Philadelphia 76rs.

Houston Sends out:

Omer Asik, James Harden (thought about this because I read something that said they might want to unload him which was probably bs but I said this was ridiculous), and Greg Smith

Houston Receives:

Thadeus Young, Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Brian Roberts

Boston Sends Out:

Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries

Boston Receives:

Eric Gordon, Omer Asik, and Evan Turner

New Orleans Sends Out:

Brian Roberts, Eric Gordon, Greg Stiemsma, and Austin Rivers

New Orleans Receives:

James Harden and Gerald Wallace

Philadelphia Sends Out:

Thadeus Young and Evan Turner

Philadelphia Receives:

Kris Humphries, Greg Stiemsma, Austin Rivers, and Greg Smith

Now there would be mild reason that all of these teams would be willing to do this which for Houston it would be predicated on that probably bogus rumor being true.

Houston would do this because they would be able to unload Harden (rumor said that they are more worried about less tangible things in box scores and about defense) and the albatross contract of Asik. They throw in Greg Smith as a young player for Philly.

Boston would do this because it gets them a quick on the fly rebuild. They get a proven scorer in Gordon which they are sorely hurting for right now. They get their rim protector in Asik and they probably get a little rental on Evan Turner and try to convince him to come in and be their sixth man of the future. In turn they get to unload the nearly untradeable contract of Wallace.

New Orleans would do this because they get out of the Eric Gordon lottery of if or when he suffers another injury. They get to acquire one of the best shooting guards in the game even if his defense is slightly lacking, Aminu can make up for that in the starting line up assuming he stays there. They take on the bad contract of Gerald Wallace but that is the price for acquiring Harden in the trade and Wallace can bring some veteran leadership to the team.

Philly would do this because they have been rumored to want to rid themselves of Young and Turner anyway. They get back Humphries and Stiemsma which combine for 14 million in expiring contracts. They can cut Austin Rivers at the end of the year if they want and the same with Greg Smith.

Obviously there would be draft picks greasing the wheels for the Rockets and probably for the 76rs as well.

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