Post Evans Trade

Our roster post Tyreke Evans trade:

PG - Jrue Holiday/Brian Roberts/Pierre Jackson

SG - Eric Gordon/Austin Rivers/Tyreke Evans

SF - Darius Miller

PF - Anthony Davis/Ryan Anderson/Lance Thomas

C - Jason Smith/Jeff Withey

What the Pelicans should do to finish the roster:

The acquisitions of Holiday and Evans are both head scratching and dollar burning. Jrue Holiday is an instant upgrade over Grievis Vasquez, and Tyreke Evans is a young, developing playmaker who's offensive output should double Al-Farouq Aminu's.

During an 82 game season players tend to wear down and teams usually have an injury or two to deal with. Having valuable role players is key to succeeding at the NBA level. With how the roster looks on the day of our independence, a few inexpensive, veteran bench players would help New Orleans immensely. A few scenarios I've thought of I would like to share with you guys. I would enjoy some feedback if you guys are even thinking Basketball or checking the fan posts. These are in order of which I believe should be done first to last.

1. Signing a Small Forward. With Tyreke Evans, officially July 10th, a Pelican the need to put him at the three is the most likely scenario. Darius Miller has not shown he is capable of being an NBA starter and no one else on the roster seems to fit at the position. My idea of signing a SF is purely for competition on the position and roster depth. The money given to Evans is obviously starter money, yet, I feel with some competition it could bring out the best in whoever is competing.

Al-Farouq Aminu - would be the first player I would talk with. He has ties with the Pelicans, playing two seasons in NO, and can give you blocks, steals and hustle more often than not. Aminu is a very solid bench player and has the potential to develop his offensive game. He's only 22 , and it's not unheard of for offensively challenged players to suddenly be able to hit certain shots.

Corey Brewer - If you can't get the player you want most, go for the next best available. The only reason I would target Aminu over Brewer is age and potential. Brewer is known for his defense, and would be very valuable given his experience in the league. The best part about signing Corey Brewer would be his age, and durability. Brewer was a key role player for Denver, rarely starting a game and usually playing 20-28 minutes a game. Brewer, unlike Aminu, is a player I could actually see starting over Evans.

Nick Young - Lastly, if the Pelicans couldn't sign either Aminu nor Brewer, I would try to pick up Young. The reason I chose Nick Young, the ability to hit the three. Nick doesn't have a consistent stroke, but will give you some offensive production, if you don't mind him being defensively challenged. I really don't have anything else to say other than I hope it wouldn't come to signing Nick Young. I just feel that he would be the next best option for our team.

2. Sign a cheap veteran Point Guard. It's not that I don't feel Brian Roberts wouldn't contribute if given the opportunity, nor do I think that given injury it would be ok to plug Eric Gordon or Tyreke Evans at the one. With the loss of Vasquez, we need a cheap PG to take weight off of Holidays shoulders, and playing time. Unless your a superstar you should have someone behind you capable of putting up at least half of your production.

Nate Robinson - Would love Robinson to come and play a solid twenty minutes a game. He has loads of energy, and his veteran presence would help keep the team on track during the grueling 82 game season. At a price just about veteran minimum maybe a little more instantly upgrades our bench.

Beno Udrih - Highly unlikely. If he demands a substantial amount of cash it's a no go. I can see Beno being a big help in a smaller role than he had in Orlando last year. Given his tendency to turn the ball over, he can be productive playing 15-18 minutes a game. A smaller role than one given to Nate Robinson.

Roger Mason Jr. - Lastly, he's more of a two and is a subpar floor general. I think he did a good job in a limited role and if it came down to it, resigning him would just make sense acquiring a veteran who can help mature the young roster.

3. Sign a Power Foward, perhaps another trade. One player intrigues me and I believe that he's being underminded on the bench. Anthony Randolph is a player that would be cheaper than signing a JJ Hickson/Nikola Pekovic type free agent. Trading Jason Smith and Brian Roberts for Anthony Randolph would benefit both teams giving Denver a big that actually is playing up to his contract. Timofey Mozgov is looking like a bust and the Nuggets already have a bunch of bigs to mix and match. Jason Smith is a player capable of challenging JaVale McGee at the center position. Brian Roberts gives Denver a backup to Lawson. Even with Andre Miller, Roberts has a sweet stroke and could or could not be involved in the trade.

Tyler Hansborough - The one and only player I feel we could sign at a cheap contract. For 2-2.5 million per year, Tyler is very solid although not the player he was dominating the NCAA. He gives the Pelicans stability upfront in a limited role making it easier to move either Ryan Anderson or Anthony Davis to the five. You can never have enough big men and I believe Hansborough fits the bill of hustle and high energy. I feel the trade for Randolph is a pipe dream, Hansborough would be a nice spell from Anderson and playing alongside Holiday and Davis, would have the opportunity for many open looks.

Overall getting these three objectives done isn't a long shot but is pretty unlikely. The bench is very important, especially in the regular season. Keeping your core healthy come playoff time is important to competing with the elite.

Roster after signings:

PG - Jrue Holiday/Nate Robinson/Pierre Jackson

SG - Eric Gordon/Austin Rivers/Tyreke Evans

SF - Al-Farouq Aminu/Darius Miller

PF - Ryan Anderson/Anthony Randolph/Lance Thomas

C - Anthony Davis/Jeff Withey/ (D-League Invitee)*

I wonder when I write scenarios if people actually read what I write or if they just read the players I think would help the team. Happy 4th of July!

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