How the Pelicans can win 12 to 15 more games in 2013-14

Don't be fooled by the title. Listen to the three steps I believe can help our team, I'll break it down by position starting at the one and ending at the five.

PG - Grievis Vasquez had arguably the best year he will have in his career, albeit his option was picked up before the season started. We can only imagine how good Xavier Henry and Al-Farouq Aminu would have played with the playing time Vasquez got and their options were picked up. Austin Rivers made most Pelican fans cringe the majority of the season, excluding his time out from injury. Brian Roberts was the pick-up of the summer league and surprised me with his maturity during stretches after the all-star break.

I believe we don't need to draft Trey Burke despite what most mock drafts are predicting around the net. If we are worried about the play of Vasquez's backup, which Demps should because Rivers is a two and shouldn't waste development trying to learn a new position in the NBA. Roberts should get traded because of his age, contract and preformance last season. He can help a contender with his 3 PT% and he doesn't make many mistakes. Roberts should be thrown in any needed traded the Pelicans need to make this offseason.

Leaving the position to Grievis alone, Dell would need a capable backup to help sustain late leads during rest or to help fill in barring injury. This is where Trey Burke comes into play, right? Wrong. One surname, and one name. Reggie Jackson. If New Orleans could somehow trade with OKC for the third year point, he could easily become next years Eric Bledsoe. Untapping his potential by allowing him more playing time than he would get behind Westbrook and newly acquired Jeremy Lamb. I would trade Jason Smith and a 2014 2nd Round pick for Jackson. Who knows, he could outplay Vasquez.

PG- Grievis Vasquez/ Reggie Jackson

SG - Eric Gordon must prove that he can play over sixty games this year or I would trade him for grapes. Austin Rivers is now established in this post as a shooting guard. Mason and Henry are free agents that I wouldn't resign.

Eric Gordon has been disappointing thus far. I believe he will have a MIP type year in 2013-14. In 2011-12, he played in roughly ten games. Last year I figured he would struggle and Monty played him safe and sound not letting him ball on back to back games. If he stays healthy imagine 25 PPG with the ability to take over the final two minutes. Gordon is a game changer. Rivers could become a solid role player for us. I believe the ceiling for his defense is higher than his offense. Dell should bring a defensive specialist in to help tutor Rivers for a couple years cheap. Leandro Barbosa would sign for next to nothing and would be an upgrade over Mason and Henry with his defense and his occasional hot hand, despite the way he sometimes can be a shot hog.

SG- Eric Gordon/Austin Rivers/Leandro Barbosa

SF - Al-Farouq Aminu played and got benched and then played some more. Darius Miller was a disapointment.

Demps should resign Aminu so we have someone who can play solid D for 15-20 minutes off the bench. Miller could go back to the D-League if the Pelicans are able to do that. NO should push all thier chips to the center of the table for Victor Olidapo from Indiana. Even if it means trading up a few spots. Dell should offer the 6th pick, 2014's First Round pick, Brian Roberts, even Robin Lopez if need be. Oladipo is an instant upgrade over Aminu and may push him to play for the whole game and have less mental lapses.

SF- Victor Oladipo/ Al-Farouq Aminu/*Darius Miller

PF- Ryan Anderson was solid. Anthony Davis was injured a lot. Lance Thomas should've had more opportunities.

I believe that immediately we should offer Tyler Hansborough a contract that Indiana would have some trouble matching. The Pacers are going to try and retain David West and I'm not saying overpay for Tyler, but, offer him a three year deal for $15 million would be a nice bargain especially if we trade Robin Lopez and Jason Smith. Anthony Davis should stay at the four for two or three more years. Anderson is short and not that physical, but has the size for the five.

PF- Anthony Davis/Tyler Hansborough/*Lance Thomas

C- Robin Lopez needs thirty minutes a game. I don't care who disagrees with me, let the man play. If given his brothers minues per game could out play him. Jason Smith was solid before injury.

With both Lopez and Smith gone in this hypothetical post. Our big free agent signing should be JJ Hickson. If no one has seen this man play it is a shame and I feel sorry for you. JJ Hickson will be an all star for the next few years if he stays healthy. Very physical and is a double-double machine. We needed Robin to rebound more when he played. Give Hickson those 22-28 minutes and you will get ten points and ten boards. Anderson will remain the sixth man.

C- JJ Hickson/ Ryan Anderson

Total Roster: 13

Incase anyone is confused with this post I lost it twice so decided to do it be position PG-C. The first paragraph for each is for last years production. Then I go with what Dell Demps should do. The trades are following:

Brian Roberts/Robin Lopez/2013 First Rounder/2014 First Rounder to Washington/Pheonix for 2013 First Rounder

Jason Smith/2014 Second Rounder to Oklahoma City for Reggie Jackson

* - Possiblity that player could be in D-League depending on FA Signing.

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