Hornets lose to the Jazz, 95-83


Tonight, Monty Williams should have considered playing the starters 48 minutes. Why? The bench couldn't muster a single thing offensively - a Hindenburg-esque 2 for 25 from the field! For those who appreciate percentages, that's 8 freaking %!! All together now: ARGH!!!

Welp, instead of dwelling on it any further, it's probably wise to just move onto some bullets:

  • After a stinker against the Warriors, Anthony Davis redeemed himself with 24 points (10-16 FG's), 11 rebounds and 3 blocks. It was apparent Davis brought a more focused mindset to Utah as he stuffed an Al Jefferson attempt on the first offensive play of the game.
  • Greivis Vasquez put on one of his patented unorthodox shooting clinics in the paint and ended up with an efficient line of 21 points (9-12 FG's), 9 assists and 4 rebounds. Sure, the turnovers (5) were still present, but it wasn't remotely the issue responsible for the loss.
  • Monty didn't seem happy with Eric Gordon tonight, limiting him to 17 uninspiring minutes. Kashif pointed out in the game thread comments that he observed Monty giving the Commish an earful as he removed him early in the 3rd quarter (8:37 mark). Hard to blame the Coach's unhappiness with the 2 quick turnovers to start the half, nor the Utah wings scoring 8 quick points in the span of a minute and a half.
  • Robin Lopez had a decent night with 12 points and 7 rebounds, but it wasn't his line that merited a FroLo mention. Rather, he reminded the Hornets brass that Jefferson shouldn't be on our radar. Big Al was bland, and this was highlighted perfectly 4 minutes into the game. After a missed Davis jumper, Lopez was able to corral two offensive rebounds in one possession against Jefferson. With the Jazz fighting tooth and nail for a playoff berth, that should never ever happen.
  • On the other hand, if the Jazz are interested in opening up space for Derrick Favors by moving Paul Millsap, I hope Dell Demps is all ears. The dynamic forward posted a line of 20 points (8-13 FG's), 10 rebounds, 7 assists, a block and steal. Consistently this season, many comments have been made by a number of loyal followers about how Millsap should be our main free agent target. Tonight should have only furthered that argument.
  • Asides Gordon, the rest of the Hornet wings didn't have much to brag about neither: Al-Farouq Aminu was relatively quiet on the glass with 4 rebounds, Xavier Henry still hasn't figured out how to put the ball in the basket and Darius Miller picked up five personal fouls in under 13 minutes.
Up next, the Hornets face the Phoenix Suns on Sunday. Geaux Hornets!

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