What Fans Want vs. What GMs Can Get

I listened to the entire Hornets 24/7 Podcast this afternoon on the treadmill. It is too hot to run outside. Already.

Getting back to the point of this (hopefully short but stimulating) post and ideal discussion below. The question was posed, "If you could upgrade only PG or SF this off season, which would it be and why?" As expected, the answer from all three people was PG. Due to Vasquez's lack of foot speed, inability to realistically be a starting point guard and win a playoff series, turnover proclivity, and the list should be memorized by any dialed in Hornet fan by now.

That question is a pant load of garbage. GMs do not have the ability to add players out of thin air, despite the enormous cap space available and a likely top five draft pick. In free agency a team cannot simply bid more and then the player signs. The whole purpose of "free" agency is that it is the player's choice. In context of a trade first the GM must find a GM willing to part with the target and a reasonable price. In the draft a team is limited to the players available. If the Hornets could just draft anyone should they win the lottery then pick Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker and wait. Not possible. They are limited to the players in the draft with all their strengths and weaknesses.

In the comments I hope to have a discussion on the potential additions to the Pelicans in 2014 and reasonable prices to pay for each. I will outline a few specific choices that have been brought up throughout the year but let's not be limited to just what I state here. But also be realistic in not only what Dell Demps would be receiving, but what another trade partner would be getting from New Orleans. Also in the case of Restricted Free Agents explore what may be too rich for the current team (to avoid them matching) or a sign and trade option to acquire.

Potential Additions:

-Rodrigue Beaubois, PG DAL (Restricted Free Agent)

-Eric Bledsoe, PG LAC (Must be traded for, under contract for 2013-14. Restricted Free Agent in Summer '14)

-Chase Budinger, SF MIN (Restricted Free Agent)

-Tyreke Evans, SG SAC (Restricted Free Agent)

-J.J. Hickson, C POR (Free Agent)

-Andre Iguodala, SG DEN (Free Agent)

-Brandon Jennings, PG MIL (Restricted Free Agent)

-Paul Millsap, PF UTH (Free Agent)

-Nikola Pekovic, C MIN (Restricted Free Agent)

-Josh Smith, PF ATL (Free Agent)

-Tiago Splitter, C SA (Free Agent)

-Jeff Teague, PG ATL (Restricted Free Agent)

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