Nuggets Drop Hornets in Second Half

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a 62 -point second half, the Nuggets pulled away from New Orleans at the Pepsi Center.

Thanks to strong games from Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala and Corey Brewer off the bench, the Nuggets held off New Orleans for a 113-98 victory in Denver. Ryan Anderson led the Hornets in scoring with 21 points off the bench, while Anthony Davis added 13 points and 10 rebounds for 8th double-double this season.

Here's a few bullets on the game (which I was able to see in person), and stay tuned for the full recap in the morning

  • Robin Lopez played some solid minutes, but only saw 14 minutes on the court tonight. Monty went with Jason Smith off the bench early, and rode Anderson and Davis for the majority of the game as his big man combo. Usually I would be okay with this move, but Lopez actually looked good and aggressive during his time on the court.
  • Austin Rivers played one of his best games on the year, and actually played SG down the stretch over Eric Gordon, who didn't have one of his better performances.
  • Darius Miller and Xavier Henry played a combined 50 minutes (no that's not a misprint), while Aminu saw only 13 and Roger Mason didn't come in until late in the 4th. Again, interesting rotation strategy from Monty to say the least.
  • Andre Iguodala had a terrific game, but Corey Brewer was probably the MVP, as he dominated the Hornets' second unit wings and made his impact felt on both sides of the court during his 23 minutes. Also it was good to see Wilson Chandler back on the court playing again -- watching both of these guys play had me salivating at the prospect of either playing in a Hornets, er, Pelican uniform next year as our starting SF.

Thoughts? Comments? Something you want to touch on? Make a note in the comments about anything you want talk about. This one was a competitive game most of the way through, but the Hornets offense disappearing for stretches was their undoing.

This road trip continues in Minnesota tomorrow night.

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