How to make Anthony Davis an All-Star?

Hello everyone,

I guess most of you already know that the voting period for 2014 All-star starters have started last week.

The All-Star weekend will be here in New Orleans and I would love to watch a player from our team in an All-Star jersey.

Davis, Anderson, Evans, Gordon and Holiday are all on the ballot waiting for our votes.

So, how can any of those players become an All-star. Well, they can either get enough votes to become a starter or they can be named as a reserve later.

The likelihood of being a reserve is only possible for Davis. I doubt Anderson, Gordon, Holiday or Evans would be named a reserve.

But, the frontcourt for western conference is crowded with talented players like Davis, Duncan, Howard, Durant, Love, Griffin, Cousins, Nowitzki, Aldridge, Gasol, etc.

So, if Davis cannot make it to the starting 5 as one of the 3 frontcourt players, he will have fierce competition to be named as a reserve.

I believe Anthony Davis deserves to be an All-Star even at this young age of 20.

And we can make him an all-star. All we have to do is to vote as many times as we can every day until voting closes in 64 days from now.

You can cast a vote in 5 different ways for him on any given day. One by sending an SMS, one at, one on twitter, one on facebook, one using the nba gametime app. Actually you can vote 6 times if you also have an instagram account.

If I vote 5 times a day for the remaining 64 days. I will have 320 votes in for Anthony Davis. If we can find enough devoted fans to do this every day, that could make 1 million votes for Anthony Davis and that will definitely make him one of the top vote getters. I would love to see a Durant-Davis-Howard lineup as the starters. Griffin and Love will be the biggest competition for Davis. I fell like Durant and Howard will be the top 2 vote getters in the western conference frontcourt followed by either Love, Griffin or Davis.

In 2003 Yao Ming was a rookie and He surpassed Shaquille O'Neal (a 3-time NBA Finals MVP at that time) in voting to become the starting center for the Western Conference All-Star team. So, it is a matter of who gets the most vote and who wants to be watched the most!

The player that I most want to watch at the All-star game is Anthony Davis!

Let's do this!

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