Transforming to a Pelican: The Future of our New Orleans basketball team

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[Promoting this FanPost to the front page for some good points and also use of the word "Hornicans" - R]

When it comes to making steps in the right direction, the Hornets seem to be heading that way. Being in the Western Conference, it isn't easy to shine in this conference without nearly being 9-10 deep. I think that the Hornets have some nice pieces, but there is still work to do in finding more depth at some of the positions.

I think a huge part of this team's struggles has been the absence of Eric Gordon. He easily makes this a .500 team if he's at his best. Health has been a concern with the stars of this roster, but when healthy, I think this team as is can compete with just about anyone on any given night.

So let's see what we can do to have an even better 2013-14 season:

1) A decent scorer at SF. I'm not hating on what Aminu has done so far, but I'd like to see his play in more limited minutes combined with a guy who can score at the 3 and maybe even possibly at the 2 as a bench option. I'm not sold on Miller and feel we might be able to get better here.

2) A true PG replacement, to either come off the bench or start. Rivers or Roberts isn't that guy long term. This offense needs a distributor and guys like Vasquez and Jack excel in this system. Putting someone with major talent would go nuts here. I think if the money is there, the Hornicans can get a solid PG to play here and be a bigger contributor than Vasquez, who is no doubt having a great year. I'd love to keep Vasquez regardless.

3) Continued work with Robin Lopez. I was excited about this pick up and thought he needed a team change. I think the best of Robin has yet to come, he could be as good as his brother with the right coaching and system.



Remember that guy in the Wizards/Bullets jersey?

Anyways, as the 2nd youngest team in the NBA, this team has the chance to grow together. I hope that the majority of the pieces stay in tact for the next few years and this team gets to play better together. After this season, Aminu is a free agent. I'd like to see him stay as a rotating starter at the 3, but would still like to see a scorer at the position as well whether off the bench or starting.



The future of this team is bright. It's only appropriate that we get a new team name and a new start. 2013-14 could be a great year for Hornican basketball.



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