Wait, we traded Jack? What are you up to Dell?

That was my reaction. Jarrett Jack was the last guy I thought the Hornets would trade. I was good with 15 PPG, 6 APG, 4 RPG for around 5 mil.

I can't wait to see what the Hornets do next. I hope this time, it involves adding some more players because it sure does seem like we're dumping a lot.

I was curious to see what else is out there. Who are some players that may be able to help now?

Javale McGee, C: Good for 12 PPG, 8 RPG, and 2 BPG. A solid defender would would it in well in the front court rotation. Monty loves his defense, and McGee can bring it. At 24, he's a bit of a mental case, but a nice talent that could be a good piece. And I think he's the best FA center left.

Matt Barnes, F: As a fan, I don't really like the guy. But around 8 PPG and 6 RPG isn't too bad for averaging 22 minutes. He could be a good bench piece and a fill in starter at SF if Aminu doesn't work out or is outperformed. He hits about one out of every three 3 point shots taken and is a pretty decent rebounder.

Aaron Brooks, G: Maybe I'm going to be totally wrong here, but I think Brooks can be had at a great value. It would be fun to bring another Aaron Brooks to New Orleans right?......RIGHT?........The last time he was a starter in the NBA, he averaged almost 20 per game. That's very good scoring numbers, but that was 2009-10, so he could come in at a value price. He could do some good in a rotation of Brooks, Vasquez, Gordon, and Rivers.

Leandro Barbosa, G: I would keep Belinelli before grabbing Barbosa, but he is a veteran who can play both guard positions in a pinch. Since there is no true current point guard, Barbosa could be helpful in playing that role. I think he is a step slower than he used to be, but he can splash the 3.

Gerald Green, G/F: I can see Gerald Green starting for the Hornets. To start the season, I would be OK with that. His price can't be high which would allow us to get multiple players, which we need. Green can score, and even defend a little. He shot almost 40% from 3 last year and averaged a very solid 12.9 PPG in 25.2 MPG. That's well over 20 PPG per 48.

That's all I could find free agent wise to cover up holes. Otherwise, we'll have to depend on a trade and there aren't many more chips to offer since we basically cut so many of them.

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