The #10 pick scares the hell out of me

I have been a Hornets fan ever since our magical season of 1992-93 that saw us upset the Boston Celtics with Zo's great shot. Since then things have been and things have been really bad. Things look like they will be good again with us getting the # 1 pick. I really expect big things from Anthony Davis, and as we have seen before a # 1 pick can change the fortunes of one franchise. However the past few weeks I keep asking myself what will this team do with the #10 pick and it scares the hell out out of me. You will see why I am scared after the jump

Over the past decade the hornets have not done a good job of drafting much anybody not named Chris Paul or David West. Sure they drafted Collinson and Marcus Thornton but they both are no longer playing in the big easy and have become someone else's talent. The Hornets have had some awful drafts remember the 2006 debacle that saw us draft Cedric Simmons and Hilton Armstrong boy was that a bad draft or what. In 2007 we had a lotter pick Julian Wright another bad pick. Things seem to be different with a new coach Monty Williams and a much better GM in Dell Demps so let's look at some possibilities of what might be available at #10

. Jared Sullinger - This guy had a very successful career at Ohio State. I have always prefered big 10 bigs over ACC big guys because they seem to be more tough and rugged. However I have some concerns with Sullinger. He's not that big only about 6'8 some say shorter than that. I have also heard he isn't very well conditioned either. He has skills, but do you want a person who's lazy? Also I'm concerned about what I hear about his back. If the Hornets could get him that be nice. I think they could trade down and get him though.

. Austin Rivers- This name is polarizing on this board. Some people love him and other people would say hell no in one second flat. Rivers did improve over the course of his year in Duke. He seems to be a good isolation player in this day and time you need people who can create and get their own shots. However, Rivers is not much of passer and I question whether he could ever be a starting 2 guard in this league. I think with Rivers if he can't become a point guard the best thing you can hope for is Ben Gordon/Jason Terry kind of player who can fill it up off the bench. Would you use a #10 pick on this maybe but again I'm not sure

. Andre Drummond - This name keeps coming up and believe me if he can pan out this would be a steal. However Drummond being from UCONN scares me. UCONN has not developed any great centers. Emeka Okafor has been the best and he didn't exactly set the world on fire.

John Henson - He's a player that absolutely scares me and here's why he has too small. Yes he's tall almost a 7 footer but he too small he only weighs 225 pounds. I'm not a fan of his offensive game. Defensively he could be like or better than Marcus Camby, but I also think of players like Brandan Wright, Ekope Udoh.

Well that's it for now I could list a few other players, but I don't have the time. I think of the 4 players Sullinger would probably be best bet. However I wouldn't mind drafting Tyler Zeller, Jeremy Lamb, or Damian Lillard if they are available. Regardless of what you think of this post I think we could all agree the #10 pick could be very pivotal in our near future. That being said I have faith in Monty Williams and Dell Demps.

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