After the trade, where do we stand.....

So assuming the trade with Washington is finalized, where does the organization stand? At first I was a bit shocked to see it, because I would have liked to see Okafor paired with AD down low, forming a solid defense. And Ariza, for everything he isn't offensively, is a very good defender. But after further inspection, this could be a very big trade for the Hornets. We may look back and see that this trade allowed the Hornets to make all the necessary moves to become a contender. After the trade the roster stands as this, assuming we waive Rashard Lewis, which I believe will happen:

PG: Jack / Vasquez

SG: Gordon / Henry

SF: Aminu

PF: Davis (presumably) / Ayon

C: Smith

The team still may bring back Dyson and Belinelli. After this trade, I am hoping that the team will resign Landry and Kaman. I think the team needs a solid big man to pair with Davis. Upon entering the league, I don't want Davis to get pounded on by bigger Centers. A guy like Kaman will allow AD to roam more and use his athleticism on the defensive end. The 10 pick of the draft may have the biggest impact from this trade. After countless debates on this board, it seems we may have what we need to make a bigger impact. I, for one, was in favor of possibly trading the pick for a veteran and multiple draft picks. The trade gives us the 46 pick, where there are several players I could see us targeting. With even more cap space, I think the 10 pick gives us more flexibility with our choice. Not that we can be careless, but I think we can take a little bigger swing for the home run. I have always been in favor of taking safe picks over strictly potential, but this could open the door.

First, the 10 pick:

Although we can use cap space to fill a hole at the SF position, I would like to add a wing man in the draft who could potentially be our starter. I think Moe Harkless is my favorite 3 man in this draft, but I believe 10 may be a little too high for that pick. The same names are still options: Rivers, Lillard, Sullinger, Lamb. But I think having cap space allows us to take chances on guys like Drummond and Perry Jones. It's really a matter of what position you feel is more of a necessity. After the trade, I think the wing and big man become the biggest areas of need. (Not to mention, I was satisfied with a PG rotation of Jack and Vasquez before the trade).

And the 46 pick:

A lot of the prospects who I am most interested in will most likely be available in the 2nd round. As most people on the board seem to be, I am a huge Jae Crowder fan. He could now step in as a backup SF. I also like Scott Machado, as I feel he can become a solid PG in the league. Other players include Darius Miller, Quincy Miller, Kim English, Marcus Denmon, and Kevin Jones. I think any one of these has potential to be a solid role player in the league.

This trade can be very big for our team. We have the opportunity to fill the roster with a lot of talent very quickly. I look forward to having a write up on potential free agent signings in the future.

What does everyone think?

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