VIDEO: Anthony Davis at the NBA Draft Combine

LEXINGTON, KY - APRIL 17: Anthony Davis talks with the media during the news conference in which he announced he will enter the NBA draft at Joe Craft Center on April 17, 2012 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Via Draft Express, here's video of Anthony Davis talking to media on Friday:

For those that might not have time to watch the full thing, the Hornets-related questions went thusly:

Q: What communication have you had with New Orleans since the lottery?

AD: Really none at all. They contacted my dad, I really haven't talked to them much. Taking a visit down there, do a workout for them. Not sure what day it is yet, but soon.

Q: How do you think you'll fit in with the Hornets? Have you thought about how you'd fit in the lineup?

AD: I haven't thought about it. I know I can get a lot of lessons, and the veterans there can teach me the ropes and teach me about the game, so I can get accustomed to it and help out the team.

Q: The Hornets also worked out Terrence Jones. Have you guys talked about what it'd be like, since they have another top-10 pick?

AD: No, we haven't talked about it. He told me he worked out for them, but we haven't gone into detail. It'd be fun if we both got drafted to the same team, or any Kentucky players.

Q: What was Coach Cal's thoughts when New Orleans [won the lottery]? Have you talked to him?

AD: He texted me the day of the lottery and said "congratulations, hope you have a lot of fun. You won one national championship there, so go try and win a world championship there."

Q: What teams have approached your father or your agent besides New Orleans?

AD: None.

Q: What made you call out Kobe?

AD: [smiles] I knew you were gonna ask that. I didn't call out Kobe. They asked me who I'd like to play in the league, and I know Kobe is one of the greatest players ever to paly the game, and so I'd like to play against him. He's a legend of the game, and I would never disrespect Kobe like that.

Q: What was reaction when you saw it was New Orleans given you had just had a really great moment there (the National Title game) and how do you feel like you'll fit?

AD: Like I said, I won one championship there, and I'm going to win another. New Orleans is great. Great place, great city. Lot of downfalls, but if I get selected, I'm going to go try and help the city as much as I can.

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