With the 10th pick in the NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets select...

So it seems to be a foregone conclusion who we take at #1. I would have been super excited to have Davis, MKG, or Robinson. So let's take a look at what will be on the board with our next pick. A lot in the 10th pick is strictly potential, with most of those guys being raw talent who will need years to develop. That's a scary thought. It's almost better to have a bit lower pick when you can take guys who may not have as high of ceilings, but should be solid at next level (I think of last years class with Kenneth Faried, Khawai Leonard, guys who play hard, good defense, and can rebound). However, might be better to look at what position is of most need. Looks like our PF spot will be filled. Okafor and his enormous contract are back. I sure wish we could resign Kaman and Landry, and trade/amnesty Oak. SG should be filled with Gordon. That should leave big man, wing man, pg.


Im one of those fans who is very happy with Jarrett Jack. He gets the job done, plays hard, and is a bit underrated for what he does. Also, he brings some leadership to the team that will be very young in the next few years. We also have Vazquez, who was a pleasant surprise in my opinion, showing potential to lead the team at times. The top 2 PGs in the draft are Damian Lillard, of Weber St, and Kendall Marshall, of UNC. Marshall is drawing comparison to a less athletic young Jason Kidd. A true pass-first pg, could be exactly what we need in the future. Lillard is from a small school, and was relied upon heavily for scoring. He has explosive potential, but hasnt shown ability to get others involved. To me, Marshall could be a good starting distributor of the future, while Lillard could be a scoring PG for the second unit. All that said, I think we can get by with the 2 PGs we have now.

Post Player

Again, looks like we will have our future PF already drafted by the #10 spot. And I would love to have Kaman back as our C, with Landry playing the 4 with Davis. But not sure that will all play out. At this pick, I do not like the big men available. The main two, Tyler Zeller and John Henson, just do not impress me at all. Great college players, but I don't see it on the next level. They remind me of guys like Cole Aldrich, BJ Mullens, Robin Lopez, even a Ty Hansborough. Those are not guys who get it done for me. Especially since we should look for guys with starting potential.

Wing man

We should add some talent across the wing from Eric Gordon. Ariza, for the defensive player that he is, fits in our system pretty well. But we all know he is not the answer. Aminu, who I do like, will most likely be a solid athletic wing off the bench. The problem with that, is the safest picks will most likely be gone. Harrison Barnes and Jeremy Lamb should be off the board. The next group, Perry Jones, Terrence Ross, Moe Harkless, are very much projects, with boom-or-bust type talent. Guys like Dion Waiters and Austin Rivers should be available, but they will be the same position as Eric Gordon. As always its best to take a safe pick, but nothing is guaranteed. I think our best shot would be taking someone like Perry Jones, and hoping he develops into a dangerous offensive weapon at the 3 position.

What do yall think??

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