How does the CP3 trade look now?

I can honestly say, I was extremely glad when the commish rejected the original trade with the Lakers and Rockets. I saw no positives by taking on older players who had already reached their ceilings, in addition to adding no superstars or draft picks. Now, there is still much to play out in order to determine whether we received a better deal, but a lot has happened for us to start a debate. Gordon's injury left much to be desired, and there is still the issue of locking him up for future years. But I think we can all agree, when he is healthy, he can be "The Guy".

The Pros

  • We will likely have TWO top ten picks in a very talented draft class. This team showed good chemistry at times, and Monty Williams continues to prove his worth. Now we can look to add potentially two solid players to our rotation.
  • As stated above, Eric Gordon certainly has the ability to be the #1 option on the team.
  • With the draft picks, Gordon, and Aminu, we have a young nucleus, and potentially very dangerous athletic group to fit Monty Williams' defensive scheme.
  • We avoided the Lamar Odom debacle which saw him have a sub-par year. At the end of the year, his numbers were almost identical to Aminu, but at least Aminu has room to improve.
  • I was never high on Scola, but I think we certainly received the better asset by gaining Kaman. Their numbers too were nearly identical, and now Kaman will be off the books for a great sum of cap space.

The Cons

  • I think the worst part of this move was not getting a return for Kaman. The cap space alone was good for me, but I was somewhat hoping we could flip him for another valuable asset.
  • We missed out on Kevin Martin and his 17 ppg. But he too was injured and didn't play the full season. He also doesn't add much as far as rebounding and assists, so I would take Gordon every day over Martin
  • The last piece was Goran Dragic, who played average minutes, and had respectable numbers. He finished with 11.7 ppg and 5.3 apg. But I still feel that Jarrett Jack is a better player and fits our system better.

So with all that being said, how would you guys say the trade is shaping up? Obviously, the two draft picks will be a huge deciding factor in the end result. I hope to get a solid wing player, such as MKG (who would be excellent in Monty Williams' defense) and either a quality PG, or big man (depending on how we handle Emeka Okafor - trade/ amnesty/keep). But just knowing that we have two top ten picks, to go along with a solid core of players that performed better than most people believed they would, I feel we certainly got the better of the two trades. Look forward to reading your comments!!

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