Today's the day I question Monty's viability for our future

Now before I go on, let me state that I've been one of his staunchest supporters from day one. However, tonight, after viewing every second closely w/o distractions, I feel I have to change my tune.

We know what Monty brings to the table: his teams play good defense and they almost always give it their all. However, can anyone tell me what else? After 100+ games, I'm beginning to feel it's not enough and there should be something more. Now, I obviously realize that this is a poorly talented team, but after this many games, shouldn't there be some kind of progression? Individual improvement? Development? Offensive continuity?

Let's take for example, Trevor Ariza. When he came to our team, we knew we were getting a good defender/glue guy. We knew that if used properly he could also be an asset on the offensive end (his last year in a Laker uniform). Well, a little over 90 games, and his cumulative offensive rating is worse than what it was in a Rockets uniform.

How about Marco Belinelli? He had some flashes of excellent offense for both the Warriors/Raptors and us last season. So far this year, he's kicking it live with an 8.8 PER. That's even more god awful when you realize he's played 733 minutes so far this year. Next highest minutes for guys with PER's under 9.0 are in order: John Salmons (700), Kendrick Perkins (667), Shane Battier (566) and Chris Duhon (546).

Ok, so I'm picking on role players who shouldn't be counted on carrying a team offensively. Well, let's then focus our attention on a guy who was brought back to serve as one of our primary scorers. He was even given a pay raise of almost 3 times of his previous high 3 million per. Step on up Carl Landry. So far this season, he's actually considered an above average player sporting a 16.8 PER. However, he's seeing an eye-opening 23.9 minutes a game. That's the lowest since his first two years in the NBA. Moreover, he's easily sporting the worst FG% of his career at 46.7%.

Sense a pattern? Yeah I could keep going on and on, but us Hornet fans have suffered enough, haven't we? We all knew replacing CP3 was going to be mission impossible. Also, not having Eric Gordon has undoubtedly thrown a huge wrench into the plans as well. However, should everything be excused because we're missing our major player? If our guys are bringing it every night (and the eye-test says absolutely), then why are we so consistently inept on one end of the floor? Just as our semi-talentless squad can stay in front of their man, cover a pick and roll, box out, whatever, why can't we run good plays, set screens or keep passing the ball till we get a good shot the majority of times? Why can't this team define a few offensive strengths and attempt to achieve them on a nightly basis?

We can even go back to last year. I can't even remember how many times we wondered what was wrong with Chris Paul and why he was playing sooooooo much off the ball. Sure there were glimpses of old CP3, none more memorable than our two wins against the Lakers in last year's playoffs. Up to that point, I kept on telling myself that it was either/both CP3 wasn't 100% all too often and Monty was interested in having the rest of the team develop a partial offensive identity on their own. Looking back, now I'm not sure either was even a factor in our ugly 106.2 team offensive rating (good for 19th out of 30 teams).

Guys, Monty is simply awful when it comes to the offensive end of the floor. Whether it's specifically him or the guys next to him on the bench, someone isn't doing us any good. And the most disconcerting thing, is what do we have to look forward to? Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Why did a guy who was made inactive just over a few weeks ago end up taking 17 shots? Why did Ayon play only 18 minutes? Was he the only one who made mistakes at either end of the floor? Ok, maybe someone still wants to argue the whole adaption to the NBA. Then explain to me why recent signee Lance Thomas got over 12 minutes of burn? Because he fluently speaks the English language? Get outta here. When players step onto the court, they all know how to speak B*A*L*L. We've seen plenty from Ayon to suggest this kid knows how to play and how to play the right way.

This lack of development of Ayon has now made we worried about his future and the rest of our young guys like Henry and Vazquez. Why did the General, who played quite well for the most part during Jack's absence, suddenly only see 20 minutes tonight? Hey, didn't we get blown the F@#( out by the Bulls? Don't most coaches get their young guys in during games like this so they can garner valuable experience?

Yeah, I'm lost for answers too but I think it's time that we need to start asking hard questions about the guy in charge.

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