Hey Hornets fans... Are you also Michael Beasley fans??? Would you be , if he played for you?

I am a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Both us Minnesota fans and you New Orleans fans are on the verge of having great home teams to cheer for. However, both of our teams have some minor issues. I have a solution to propose. I would like your feedback.

Center Position: Minnesota: Darko Milicic, Solid scorer; He scored a point and a half less per game than Okafor last season in seven and a half less minutes. He is a better passer than Okafor, with a better assist average. He also averaged more blocks per game in less minutes than Okafor. The problem for us, is that he is a low block/ high block, run your offense through him type center. We have Kevin Love to do that. We need a go get it on alley-oops, finish at the rim center. Which is what Okafor is.

New Orleans: You have 27 million dollars wrapped up in two starter-level players at the center position. Which is forcing your team to have sub-par bench players.

Small Forward: Minnesota: We have two starters at that position. We are absolutely going to keep Derrick Williams. Which means Beasley is the starter to go.

New Orleans: You are getting back-up play at this position. Trevor Ariza is a solid player, but he does not produce starters numbers.

Shooting Guard: Minnesota: Wesley Johnson and Wayne Ellington will both be good eventually. But they are both adjusting to the NBA game slower than expected. We need more production in that area.

New Orleans: Once again, you have a log jam at this position. Gordon, Belinelli and now Xavier Henry, who is also a very solid player. I know that noone in New Orleans wants Gordon to go anywhere. Belinelli is slumping, but his numbers are still better than what we are getting at that position.

Point Guard: Minnesota: We have the log jam at this position with Rubio, Barea, Ridnour, and Malcolm Lee.

New Orleans: Jarrett Jack is great. However, Vasquez is still a work in progress. He is promising. But he should be third string right now. Who is Carldell Johnson? Has he even earned a roster spot. I don't think so. But, with 27 Million wrapped up at center, it's the best you can afford right now.

I propose we make a trade that will solve all of this.

We give your team Darko Milicic to back up Chris Kaman, which saves you 9 million per year.

We give you Michael Beasley, which improves your starting production at the small forward position, and you still have Ariza to back him up.

We give you Luke Ridnour to back up Jack and push Vasquez to third string and Carldell back to bagging groceries.

We get Okafor, giving us our athletic center who can score at the rim.

We get Belinelli, giving us our scoring, at the 2 spot, that we need until our youngsters get their game right.

If you like you can even send us another salary eatting, non producing player (Aminu), so that you can free up more salary. We can still Amnesty a player.

Your Team would look like.... Kaman, Landry, Beasley, Gordon and Jack followed by Darko, Smith, Ariza, Xavier Henry, Luke Ridnour. With Ayon, Summers, Trey Johnson and Vasquez on the bench. Not too shabby.

What do you say Hive? Would you do it?

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