Another bored Hornets fan thinks about a normal offseason plan to keep CP3

I tried to make this as realistic as possible, offering reasons to why other team does this. That said, so that everyone's happy. let's assume 2 things:

1.) Chouest and local ownership group now owns the Hornets

2.) CBA has a few tweaks(lower pie in the BRI for players, amnesty clause, better revenue sharing, more stringent luxury tax penalties) but nothing major that will affect this offseason plan. 


trade: Landry(~6 million S&T)
receive: part of the Gortat TPE and Ryan Anderson

trade: Ryan Anderson
receives: Carl Landry

-- Magic get the perfect PF to pair with DHo. Landry can come of the bench and has proven that he can carry a bench, or start. Paired with DHo, and you got a very solid frontcourt.

trade: Okafor
receives: Thabeet, Hill and TWill

trade: Thabeet, Hill and TWill
receives: Okafor

-- Rockets need a C(they gave this offer minus TWill to GSW for Biedrins). by adding TWill, Rockets get a better C in Okafor.

trade: Trevor Ariza
receive: Amir Johnson

trade: Amir Johnson
receive: Trevor Ariza

-- Raptors have a logjam at PF/C (especially with Jonas coming in 2012). So they trade the one who's most logical(Ed Davis is too valuable, Bargs has low value so just hold on to him) and get a defensive SF(which they lack).
Hornets then renounce rights to DWest, Gray, Banks, Green, and Jason Smith. thereby giving them a total salary of 43 817 755(giving them a total of 14 182 245 in cap space). They sign Nene to a 64 million/5 years(12 million starting) or just throw the whole cap space at Nene. Hornets then offer Grant Hill the remainder of that cap space(2nd year team option) and sign Willie Green, Patrick Ewing Jr. and David Lighty to min-contracts.

Chris Paul | Jarrett Jack
Marco Belinelli | Willie Green | David Lighty
Grant Hill | Terrence Williams | Quincy Pondexter
Amir Johnson | Ryan Anderson | Patrick Ewing Jr.
Nene Hilario | Jordan Hill | Hasheem Thabeet

[b]-- Why Hornets do all of this --[/b]
basic premise is, in 2012 Hornets have CP3, Ariza, Jack, Okafor and Quincy Pondexter under contract(assuming they go with 1 year rentals). but a team with CP3, Ariza, Jack, Okafor and Pondexter, with possibly 1 year rentals(especially at starting PF slot) in Kenyon Martin, Tracy Mcgrady, etc.. will have a difficult time making the playoffs because they have no offensive fire punch.

After the slew of trades that happened, at least they converted Ariza's contract to a smaller contract in Amir. and convert Okafor's contract to basically expirings(3 rookie scaled contracts). They were also able to get some value for Landry in the form of Ryan Anderson. Then use the cap space they created to sign Nene. There are a total of 5 teams that have will surely have cap space for 2011 and 10 teams(including New Orleans) that are on the bubble to get cap space. Of these 15, i've removed the Kings, Raptors, Rockets(because if this trade happens, they just got Okafor), Pistons, Warriors, Wolves, Wizards, Suns, Bobcats, Bucks because they are either young(so they won't need Nene) or are rebuilding(Nene won't go there) or do not have significant cap space to offer Nene. that leaves NO with 4 competitors to Nene's services namely - Pacers, Nets, Clippers and Denver. Nets won't probably sign Nene with hopes of signing Howard. Clippers have DeAndre to think about, who fits better with Griffin anyway. New Orleans then has only the Pacers and Nuggets to bid with Nene's services. Both those teams don't have the luxury of saying - you get to play with CP3.

2012 comes, and Hornets only major players under contract are Amir(at approximately 6 mil) Jack(at approximately 5) and Nene(at approximately 13). What NOLA can do is either build of this team or trade Nene for Howard in a S&T(which would look appealing to Orlando if Howard doesn't resign).


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