Some Stingers for everybody

[Thanks much to sd3 for the weekend news roundup. Regular Hornets on the Internets and other such service should resume tomorrow. - Rohan]

Since we have not had any new news related links on the hornets, I decided to look some up.  I was also trying to find info on if the hornets were having pre-draft workouts or not.  Follow the jump to the Stingers(a lil corny but it sounded good to me).


The first link talks about exactly what I was looking for in if we were doing pre-draft workouts or not.  It is a nice read about the hornets are trying to find some hidden talent a couple locals were invited in Tasmin Mitchell, Darnell Lazare, Carlos Wheeler.  Also some nice quotes by demps in there as well.  Here is the tip of the Stinger:

If this year's NBA draft doesn't yield an immediate contributor for the New Orleans Hornets, general manager Dell Demps can at least take solace in the fact that he piled up frequent flier miles in his search for a second-round steal.

The second link may not be for everybody.  This talks about two former players that we all have fond memories of who are still playing in the nba finals.  There is also a quote in this one that Tyson makes a jab at the former front office of the hornets.  Here is the tip: 

Since last November, ex-New Orleans Hornets forward Peja Stojakovic has endured getting benched, being traded and then waived after having his contract bought out.

Next link is on David West's Rehab.  It talks a little about what Mr. West has been up to and why he is waiting to decide on the contract.  Here is the tip:

New Orleans Hornets forward David West is continuing to rehabilitate his surgically repaired left knee at his offseason home in Raleigh, N.C., working five to six days per week, sometimes undergoing multiple sessions daily, West’s agent, Lance Young, said Wednesday.

Another link on David West but more about Monty and David keeping open lines of connection.

A short link on Mike Malone and his options.


Malone has joined the warriors staff as an assistant

here is the link

A couple links that aren't as serious now.

CP3's video Paranormal Activity funny.

Chris Paul's interview after game 4 Pause man Pause from 20 seconds to 40 seconds

And the final link of the day Mr. CP3 and his little dance around the 20 second mark

Hope you all enjoyed.

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