Hornets as Jay Electronica and Lupe Fiasco Songs

Nobody captures the essence of Post Katrina New Orleans better than rapper Jay Electronica. He's a native of the magnolia projects, but since wanting to become a rapper, he has traveled to many places throughout the country. Similar to the paths that many have faced as survivors of the disaster, Jay has lived a lot of time in diaspora. His music, however reflects strong New Orleans roots, and it is apparent he takes the city wherever he goes. He's also my favorite rapper, and thus I decided to use his songs to describe the Hornets.

And well, Lupe is just my favorite rapper. Also, he is a quote MACHINE.

Click the song titles to go to the youtube videos for each song.

*note: I got the idea after seeing this post on the Lakers' site Silver Screen and Roll

First off, David West: Departure - Jay Electronica

As the tears welled up in my eyes
My mama said "son what happened?"
Sometimes I can't breathe cause it's so much crap man
I called on God but he don't call back and
Fight to stay sane while the devils laughin...

This song, and quote perfectly capture my feelings during West's injury. I was close to tears when he went down and didn't get back up, and it's just been a rough road for the team since.

Carl Landry: Something to Hold Onto - Jay Electronica

You see nothing here surprises me
I got a whole lot of soldiers down to ride with me
But Lord, please give me Something to hold onto

The Hornets have had a crazy season full of ups and downs. And at this point, nothing could surprise me. After DWest went down, everyone though the season was over, but thankfully, Landry has been something to hold onto

Trevor Ariza: Annakin's Prayer - Jay Electronica

...that innocent shit with Obi-Wan behind the Jedi back
Can turn Annakin to Vader
Your lack of faith in the force is disturbing...

Let's face it, for all intents and purposes, we're the Dark Side. A team stacked with former Jedi that have been turned evil. The Los Angeles Lakers have awoken the dark side within Trevor Ariza. His force his surprising even for Hornets fans.

Aaron Gray: I Gotcha - Lupe Fiasco

I went from musty to musky and ya'll can't mush me
I warn yall cornballs I hush puppies
The swans in the pond called my duck ugly
But now they hug me. Because it's lovely

Aaron Gray may not be the most graceful big, but he most definitely gets the job done. At the beginning of the season, I doubt half of the Aaron Gray lovers out there even liked him. I know I didn't...

Marco Belinelli: The Emperor's Soundtrack -  Lupe Fiasco

I told you I would show up
Screaming out FNF 'til the world blow up
They said I was so finished
I told em it's show business meaning it's no business...

Marco only shows up when he wants to. But when he does, watch out! He's a very talented player.

Jarret Jack: Little Weapon - Lupe Fiasco

Little Weapon,
Little Weapon
We're calling you
There's a war
if the guns are just too tall for you
We'll find you something small to use
Little Weapon, Little Weapon, Little Weapon
We need you now, pow

Jarret Jack is that weapon that no one thinks about. Other teams relax when Paul goes to the bench, but Jack is actually very effective.

And finally (for now) Chris Paul: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) - Jay Electronica

*it's a 9 minute song. I recommend listening to the whole thing because it's a quality piece of music, but you can skip to the 7 minute mark to find the part that I quoted

Scholars wonder "Why do he bust?"
Allah blessed me with the Midas-y touch
Everything I lay the hands turn to Ethiopian gold, shiny and buffed.
I got a firm understandin' on the minus and plus

CP3 is the master. He has the golden touch. When he picks up a basketball, great things happen. He's also among one of the smartest players in the NBA. And we all know what happens to the +/- when he leaves the game....


Well that's all I have for now. There will definitely be more to come. I plan on doing the same for Okafor, Mbenga, Green, and Smith. So stay tuned! And I leave you with my favorite Jay Electronica quote. It's my signature. It relates more to the Saints, but I think about New Orleans sports in general:

I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans rocking Black and Gold Stocking Caps and Fleur-de-lis Shockey hats. I'm in the courtroom screaming 'Who Dat?' on the double, serving gumbo with a shovel. Dog I'm on another level...

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