A Bored Chris Paul (Gross Speculation On a Player's Attitude and Motivation)


So I'm online taking care of some job paperwork ... checking the Hornets blogs occasionally on quick breaks and I got to thinking about the team and Paul's play.


Now before I go on I understand that this is pure speculation but it seemed an interesting line of thought ... of course usually when I comment it's like I'm on Pluto ... so maybe it's just interesting for me.

Also this is my first fan post.

Anyway I'm thinking injury notwithstanding, Paul's recent play may be out of boredom. I think he is bored with and frustrated by this Hornets team. I personally feel like Paul is the best player in the league despite Love's production this year and the Lebron James. I feel like he's smarter. Smarter than any player in the league.

So I feel like a successful team with Paul as point guard understands that he is the smartest guy in the game and builds a team for Chris Paul. Paul controls the team on the court and wins games not by taking over individually but by controlling the game completely. 

If during crunch time Paul is taking over games and teams are playing that, eventually it becomes 5 on 1. And Paul can win games like that depending, on the game situation and the team, but so can any of the top talent in the league and if I'm Paul that doesn't feel like the height of basketball. Or at least the height of Chris Paul basketball.

My feeling is that Paul would rather not win games by getting in pissing contests with the other stars in the league over single handed wins but instead he wants to dominate the league by controlling the basketball game whenever he is on the court.

It must be lousy for your options to be run a play for Ariza or Smith or Green or Belinelli, run one for West (again) or make the play yourself. I feel like Paul would rather have to make a play himself as a last option. But who else is making plays consistently on the team? West and the still adjusting not-quite-yet-a-go-to-offensive-option Okafor (I feel there is still some improvement left in his game playing with Paul. He's a very smart player) are it. Everyone else seems not smart or talented enough or willing to adjust their game to play with Paul.

I feel like the team needs more talent definitely, but whoever is playing needs to understand Chris Paul basketball and be able to play it. West needs to be double teamed to be stopped (works depending) and Okafor outsized (but I think he can develop in dealing with that) but everyone else is shooting themselves (and the team) in the foot through a lack of talent or smarts.

I'm with Paul, why shouldn't he be able to depend on his SF or SG to make the play when he has read the other team and created the situation for them to make it?

Anyway, I'm not putting this out there like I'm backing it up with stats and whatnot (PURE SPECULATION). It's done more on a gut feeling, my general belief that Paul is basketball god and for just a general discussion to cast the so called Paul "4th Quarter collapse" in a different light.

Thanks for reading.


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