OnPointLikeCP3's Midseason Award Predictions


I think its fairly obvious, what this post is about, but I'll still tell you.  I'm going to make predictions for the rest of the season.  Feel free to harass me when I fail miserably.  Starting off, my MVP predicition.


D-Rose has been a boss this season, racking up MVP worthy stats.  I'm picking him, because of the injuries that have hit his team.  He's seen Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson go down with injuries.  I'm picking him not as much because of his stats, which ARE fantastic, but what he's done with a starting lineup that consists of Keith Bogans, Luol Deng, and even Kurt Thomas, at times .

Rookie Of The Year: 


An insanely easy pick, Griffin probably has highlight reel appearance record in his first season.  The 2009 first overal pick hurt his knee dunking against the Hornets in a preseason game.  This season, his stats have been great.  22.8 points per game, 12.7 boards make him a shoo-in for ROY.

6th Man Of The Year: Jasonterry_medium

JET is always a threat to win 6th man of the year, and this might be his year.  He last won it in 2008, but he's making a strong case to win it this year, posting 15.6 points a contest and 4.5 dishes.  His closest challenger has been the Hawks' Jamal Crawford, but the Mavs have been a much better team than Atlanta.

Most Improved Player:Kevinlove_medium

Love's big year started off on November 12th.  That night he had 31 points and 31 rebounds against the Knicks at home.  After that he went off, rebounding and scoring like crazy.  He's obviously the most improved player this year.

Coach Of The Year:


Our own, Monty Williams.  Monty has done a lot more with less talent than other COY canidates Tom Thibodeau, Gregg Popovich, or Doc Rivers.  Though he's made some questionable decisions, most notably, not playing Marcus Thornton, but he is a rookie coach, and will make some mistakes.


Defensive Player of The Year:


You'd have to be insane to not pick D12 for DPOY.  It's been a no-brainer for quite a few years now.  He's had crazy stats this year, and is just an easy pick.


      Well, that's my predictions for the end of season awards.  Things never die on the internet, so I'll have to re-visit these when all the awards have been given out.

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