NBA Owners, Players Meet Today, More Pickup Ball, And Other Monday Stories

Monday! Back to work for most of us; back to arguing about maybe thinking about going back to work in 2017 (maybe) for the NBA.

- David Stern announced last week that if owners and players didn't have an agreement by October 10th (also known as: today), the first two weeks of the season would be cancelled, costing the players somewhere around $165 million. As things currently stand, the players are demanding 53% of Basketball Related Income (they were owed 57% in the last CBA) with the owners offering just 50%. Over a 6 year CBA, that 3% difference amounts to around $796 million. That's essentially what it all boils down to. (For a really great primer on this stuff, check out this excellent Eight Points Nine Seconds post).

After meeting for more than five hours last night, players and owners are scheduled to meet at 1 p.m. Central today in one final attempt to reach an agreement before the first two weeks are lost. According to multiple sources, yesterday's five hour meeting did not touch on the subject of BRI - far and away the most important issue - one single time. What that portends for today's meeting is unclear.

- My complaints about the general state of NBA pick-up basketball last week apparently went unheeded as two prominent pick-up games took place on the weekend. Chris Paul took part in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's South Florida game, while Trevor Ariza played in last night's Drew vs. Goodman League matchup. You can see some video of Ariza speaking to reporters after the game here. A couple quotes from him:

"We don't want to be here. We want to be where we're supposed to be."

"I want to be in New Orleans. I want to play. But we're not gonna do anything until we got a deal."

- Toronto appears to be in advanced negotiations with former Philly GM Ed Stefanski to take over its vacant GM role, ostensibly eliminating Jeff Bower from a position in Toronto's front office. Portland, though, may still have interest in Bower.

- For the most part, the Chris Paul-LeBron James-Carmelo Anthony relationship has been viewed with cynicism by Hornets fans, primarily due to its implications for Paul's future. But there's another side to it - the three guys are legitimately really close friends, John Reid writes for the Times-Pic.

I think there's definitely an aspect to their friendship that transcends the LRMRMRMRMRMR nonsense and other posturing, and it's something which isn't discussed (in a positive light) as often.

- - - - - - - -

In any case, here's hoping our franchise player negotiates the stuffing out of our franchise's owner this afternoon. Go Hornets!

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