trades to keep CP3 in New Orleans

Now right now I don't see the Hornets as a playoff team. The West is so competitive right now and the Hornets just aren't good enough. They don't have enough weapons. Chris Paul and David West will leave if they are not in a position to win. Right now the Hornets are not built for the future nor are they built to win now. In order to win they need to add some scoring and big man to their weak bench. The Trevor Ariza deal was a dumb move. Darren Collison is going to be a very good player for many years. Trevor Ariza is shot happy and overrated. Nonetheless lets go to possible trades.


trade 1: 

It should be 2 trades, but the trade machine won't let me do one of them so it has to be like this. New Orleans gives up Peja who would have been a non factor this year anyways. They gain 2 big man. Jason Maxiell is very productive but undersized. Charlie V can play sf, pf, and c. A very versatile, but streaky player. Next JR Smith for trade exemption and or possibly a second round pick. Yes JR Smith. DO NOT STOP READING. Now I know what you are thinking. I would not touch him with a ten foot stick and you would be right not to because he would probably get agitated and proceed to choke you out. BUT, JR has many reasons to behave. If he causes any big problems or doesn't produce he will no longer have a career in the NBA and have to go to overseas. Or He would have to take a very large pay cut. JR wants a career in the NBA he wants to be a star. He has the oppurtunity to be one in New Orleans. He is playing with the best point guard in the entire NBA. CP3 would make him a better player and set him up with alley oops. open shots, great passes etc. JR has everything to lose right now and is in the perfect situation to be a wanted player again. He is an excellent sixth man. He can score 20 pts on any given night. He can still be a game changer and for the right reasons. He is the KEY move for me. A chance for NO to get a steal and make the playoffs. I really think he could put them in  a position to make the playoffs.

second trade: acquire a point guard 

NO possibly includes future second round pick

Telfair would make a productive backup for CP3 and probably will get better learning and playing against a superstar point guard.

None of these guys are superstars, but it takes a village. The Hornets bench is more productive making them a much better team. They add a great sixth man capable of taking on the scoring load. They add 2 productive and versatile big men. One who is another guy who can put up points in a hurry and a great energy big.


Marcus Thornton 

Trevor Ariza 

David West

Emeka Okafor

sixth man JR Smith

role players


Charlie V


Marco B

Quincy Pondexter

Craig Brackins

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