The Free Agent Point Guard Options

I've been dreading writing this story in much the same way movie critics once dreaded reviewing Plan 9 from Outer Space. Unlike them, though, I won't have the option of laughing heartily at my subject because, barring some late magic from Mr. Demps, one of the following fellows will likely be a New Orleans Hornet next season. 

The "options," I guess, after the jump.

UPDATE 1: Sundiata Gaines (thanks sXe hXc AMF)

Pros: High PER (17.3), decent assist figure, low turnover rate, solid rebounder

Cons: Accumulated his good numbers in limited minutes (217 to be exact), still very inexperienced

Earl Watson 

Pros: Defense, decent passer

Cons: Turns the ball over, can't shoot, can't make free throws, 10.9 PER last year, old

Earl Boykins

Pros: Low turnover rates, okay passer, 12.9 PER last year but 15.6 career

Cons: Defense, can't shoot, short, old

Rafer Alston

Pros: Nickname would fit with L. Amundson, decent passer

Cons: Likely insane, likely hated by Chris Paul, definitely hated by David West, bad, old

Chucky Atkins

Pros: None

Cons: Very bad at basketball

Bobby Brown

Pros: Chucker extraordinare. Oh wait, I thought we were on the cons already.

Cons: Almost as bad as Atkins, only 10 years younger!

Cedric Jackson

Pros: Very few people know anything about him

Cons: Very few people know anything about him

Patrick Mills

Pros: Fast, Australian

Cons: Young, inexperienced

Jannero Pargo

Pros: Decent passer, good defender

Cons: Shoots too much, horrifically inefficient

Chris Quinn

Pros: Low turnovers, 39% three point shooter, from NOLA, career 13.0 PER

Cons: Not a good creator of shots, poor from the field excepting open threes

Jamaal Tinsley

Pros: Name recognition

Cons: Often injured, Prolific shot misser, even prolific-er ball loser (~30% turnovers last year), overall incompetent at basketball. Oh, and let's tack on 'old' too. 

Marcus Williams

Pros: Dell Demps protege, good shot creator

Cons: Bad shooter, high turnovers, head case?

Mustafa Shakur

Pros: He lives!

Cons: But he sucks

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