Your assesment on Jeff Bower part 1 (draft 2005-2009)

I just came across a article not too long ago about Bower. Apparently he has received permission to talk to the New Jersey Nets about their vacant GM position. Apparently the stalled ownership change and financial strife have made the New Jersey job look more appealing.  The question I want to ask my fellow hornet fans is what kind of job do you think Bower has done? Do you think he has left a good lasting impression in your mind? I think these are 2 questions that can't be answered easily so I think we have to look at his body of work.


Bower has twice been the GM of the hornets he breifly held down the position from 2002-2003 and from 2005- present.  I want to look at the drafts Bower has conducted since 2005.


2005 Draft  I think this was one of Bower's better drafts he has had as our GM. We drafted the best player avaiable on the board in Chris Paul, and he quickly became the cornerstone of our franchise. We also drafted Brandon Bass in the 2nd round. Bass has gone on to become a qulaity back up big, and I don't blame Bower that he didn't work out. Bass was never given a fair shot by Byron Scott and thus hindered his development.  For the 2005 Draft I give Bower a solid B+


2006 Draft - This draft was horrible in my opinion some questionable picks were made, and I believe this draft is one of the reasons we have alot of our issues as a basketball team.  The hornets had 2 1st round picks with the # 12 and # 15 selections. The Hornets drafted Hilton Armstrong with 12th pick and turned around and drafted Cedric Simmons with the 15th pick. Simmons and Armstrong have both been busts. Yes their were extremely slim pickings that year, and many of the bigs that year were busts, but something tells me the hornets could have done better. With their 2nd round pick the hornets selected  Marcus Vincius who never turned out either. This draft I give the hornets a D-.


2007 Draft The hornets drafted Julian Wright. Wright has still not developed and has had a knack for teasing us fans. One night showing flashes of brillance. The hornets could have drafted these players instead Affalo, Thornton,  Rudy Fernandez or Jared Dudley. All of these players have given their teams key contributions. The Hornets drafted Adam Huluska in the 2nd round. Where is Haluska these days?  Drafted after Haluska was Marc Gasol.  Granted the Hornets were still hoping Armstrong would pan out.  Grade C-


2008 Draft - The hornets traded their lone pick for Cash. They did this so they could eventually pick up James Posey in Free Agency. 


2009 Draft - The hornets best draft since 2005 in my opinion We drafted a back up point guard in Collinson on filled in nicely and valiantly when Chris Paul was injured. We also traded for Marcus Thornton who eventually took Morris Peterson's starting job.  Thornton was a steal getting him in a trade and him being drafted in the 2nd round.


Draft Grade A-



I think Bower has done some nice things drafting, but the only thing that he has drafted that has panned out has been guards. Paul, Collinson, and the trade of getting Thornton. I have quite honestly been very disappointed with the way we have drafted bigs, and the lack of an athletic wing who can contribute. Maybe I am being too hard on Bower maybe Shinn has been more hands on with the draft process, but all of these maybes are pure speculation. I think that Bower has been an ok GM and I don't think him leaving will damage the hornets at all. Part 2 coming up tomorrow I will look at free agent signings under Bower.

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