@tH Talks to Craig Brackins

A transcript of my talk with Craig Brackins on Sunday (after the Heat game).

At the Hive: To start off, could I get your thoughts on how you played today?

Craig Brackins: I was a little disappointed in myself today, how I played. I'm still trying to get in the flow of the offense, the flow of everything, still two practices in with the guys. I just gotta step up, work hard in practice, keep my head up.

@tH: At Iowa State, you were kind of the focus of the offense, getting double and triple teams. When you go to New Orleans, you'll be playing with Chris Paul and David West, two established guys. How do you see that effecting your offensive game?

CB: I'm just gonna try and do what I do. That's play hard, shoot the ball, stay in the gym, stay focused and relaxed and don't let my offense dictate anything else. Don't get down on myself or discouraged.

JE (H.com): Your shot's just one of those things right now that you're working on.

CB: Yeah, it's one of those things I'm letting get to me, rushing it. Got to let it flow. That last one flowed more than any one I've shot in summer league. Just relaxing, just cause I miss a couple can't let that determine the rest of my game. 

@tH: You and Quincy had good chemistry. Is that something you worked on before, or something that just happened?

CB: Well, our offense is two man game. So when we get into the two man game, I have a good feel of reading the guy, passing the ball, and I'm not afraid to pass. Working with a guy like Quincy, he works hard, he cuts hard, I feel like he can use me, utilize me. Quincy, Marcus, whoever cuts off, I feel like I have a good flow, seeing when to throw the ball.

@tH: Is there one part of your game you maybe want to work on, more than anything else over summer?

CB: Man, just everything, honestly. I can always improve, and I know I gotta work hard. Improve my strength, obviously in the post, and just comfortable. Just go out there and play comfortable and relax.

@tH: All right, one last question. A lot of our readers want to know if you have any nicknames you go by. 

CB: People just call me... CB.

@tH: Cool. Thanks for your time.

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