My thanks for 2009-2010 season.

I wrote this over 6 months ago. I forgot to post it anyway I feel like it's fitting to post this now because the new season is upon us.


I'm sitting here only slightly disappointed that my Hornets fell short of the playoffs this year. I remember 2 years ago I thought we were on the brink of being contenders. How things have changed since then.  As a hornets fan I have seen so much heartache and have asked the question what if so many times. However I'm dedicated to this team, and can take solace in the fact that there will be a next year.  2009-2010 is gone but not forgoten I know want to give my thanks.


Thank you Chris Paul for giving us your all night in and night out. I know this year was tough for you I could see the frustaration and pain in your face on the nights you put on the uniform. Here's hoping next year you will stay healthy and give us wins so that joyful smile comes back.


Thank you David West for being the leader when Paul was out. While you slacked on defense this year we continued to see consistency on the offensive end. Here's hoping you and Mek step up on D next year.


Thank you Emeka Okafor for giving us a center who can stay healthy. While you weren't great on defense you were still effcient considering you only played about 28 minutes a game. Here's hoping that you get more playing time next year, and improve your offensive game.


Thank you DC and Marcus Thornton. I think both you kids did a great job when you were called on. Buckets and Dimes became my new favorite duo when they were on the court during the same time. Here's hoping you guys both have great sophmore campaigns.


Thank you James Posey for that buzzer beater in Minnesota. Here's hoping we shed your bad contract and you become someone else's salary cap hit.


Thank You Darius Songalia for giving us a little versatility with our thin frontcourt. You scored, but didn't rebound well. I think you did what you could do as a veteran limited by previous injuries.


No Thank you Morris Peterson. Can't believe we overpaid you.


Thank You Peja with providing us with some nights of lights out shooting. Although there weren't that many when you get hot it's a joy to watch you shot the rock.


Thank You Aaron Gray for playing good down the stretch. You did what I thought you could do and some more. Here's hoping you have a nice followup season.


Thank you Sean Marks for filling the quota of being you know that guy from New Zealand.


Thank You Julian Wright although I now officially consider calling you a bust. I think you deserve a fresh start, and hopefully you can fufill that potential you have elsewhere. When we get rid of you I wish you nothing but the best


Although the season didn't end where we wanted it to I have a good feeling about next year.  Go Hornets make us proud.

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