Blogger Power Rankings, Week 2

Welcome to the third edition of the Blogger Power Rankings. The Los Angeles Lakers have continued to be devestatingly awesome, the Atlanta Hawks have played surprisingly well sans Josh Childress, and nobody knows what's going on in Philadelphia. Biggest riser: too lazy to actually look it up, but probably the Hawks. Biggest loser: also too lazy to look it up, but definitely the Spurs.

Thanks to the participating NBA blogosphere for the witty banter and occasionally relevant remarks. I think it gets funnier the further down the page one travels. Also thanks to Sports Logos for the off the wall amazing team logos.




The Lakers Nation: I don't think even Lakers fans were predicting a blowout over the Rockets

Hornets247: They aren't letting up. And people are complaining about their shooting percentage.  Seriously?




Bright Side of the Sun: Stomped by the Pacers earns you a drop in the standings (ranking them 4th)

Celtics Blog: It takes more than one hiccup to knock the Champs from the top (ranking them 1st)




Raptors HQ: Not a bad start without Deron.

At the Hive: Very few teams could've weathered a two to two and a half week stretch without their All Star point guard the way the Jazz did. Impressive start by Sloan and Co.




Hornets247: Like I said.  Why are we annointing an average player like Mo Williams the "Missing Piece"?

Bright Side of the Sun: What a shame the best player in the galaxy is on such a crap team (I bet you never heard that before) (ranking them 9th)




At the Hive: Sounds silly. But with the young players improved from last year and the addition of Mo Evans, could the Hawks have gotten better despite losing J-Chill?

True Blue Jazz: Pinch me please. This can't be for real. No Josh Smith? Bring back the old Hawks.




Empty the Bench: Team looks stronger than last overall, but the clock is ticking on McGrady's status as an elite player

The Lakers Nation: No shame in being blown out by the Lakers




At the Hive: The loss of Chauncey and potentially McDyess makes this team considerably worse in the short term. 2010 can't come soon enough.

The Lakers Nation: So far, Iverson is 0-2 with the Pistons




Bright Side of the Sun: The Bobcats? Really?

At the Hive: Definitely a stumble. But with Tyson and Peja returning to health, look for New Orleans to crack the Top 5 again in the near future... assuming they don't get beaten by 29 by the Lakers.




Empty the Bench: I just don't buy that this team is any better than they've been the last 2 or 3 years

Hoops Addict: This is what you get for calling Shaq too old...




True Blue Jazz: SLEEPER ALERT SLEEPER ALERT. Celtics should be worried.

Bright Side of the Sun: I think the Dino's can be a top 3 team in the East when its all over




The Lakers Nation: This team is quietly 4-2.

Hornets247: They are recovering.  Just had to find the three point stroke and defense again.




True Blue Jazz: ROYverated.

At the Hive: Wow. That Roy game was the craziest ending to a basketball contest since McGrady vs. the Spurs.




Bright Side of the Sun: Meh

True Blue Jazz: They don't deserve to be this low. But someone has to fill this spot. (Ranking them 23rd)




Hornets247: Another team that proves a post scorer is only worth a damn if he's got outside shooters to play with.

Hoops Addict: I debated putting these guys lower. They aren't a high percentage jump shooting teams and when teams clog the lane to guard Elton Brand they're having issues getting scores in their half court sets.




True Blue Jazz: Still WADEing with the bottom feeders

At the Hive: Many of the tools are there: superstar that can create his own shot (Wade), potentially dominant big man (Beasley), floor spreader (J. Jones), and Chalmers and Marion for good measure.




Hoops Addict: All three losses were by single digits and came against teams that were in the playoffs last season. Once this young team gels I suspect they'll make a run for the playoffs.

Hornets247: I still like how this team is built.




Bright Side of the Sun: Now with Billups they are a serious contender for the 8th seed (ranking them 11th)

At the Hive: Anthony Carter goes to the bench, J.R. Smith gets more opportunities, and Denver gets one of the best defensive 1's in the game.




At the Hive (pointing to teh left): That's a Knicks, not a Yankees logo, in case you were wondering.

Bright Side of the Sun: #1 in pace. #1 in Starbury's heart.




True Blue Jazz: Parker will save the day! Wait...he what? Uh oh.

Empty the Bench: With Manu already out, Tony Parker will now miss 2-4 weeks, minimum. Still don't understand what's taken this team so long to try and get younger.




The Lakers Nation: a respectable .500 for this young team

Hornets247: I'm going to eat my words.  They'll definitely only suck moderately - not absolutely.




Bright Side of the Sun: Young. Long. Lousey

True Blue Jazz: Deng. These guys suck.




Hornets247: Hey look!  The Bucks are right around average.  As always.

At the Hive: Probably the one team I haven't seen play yet this year. And I'm not particularly looking forward to it.




Bright Side of the Sun: Just ye wait for Scooter Ellis to return

The Lakers Nation: Who is C.J. Watson?




True Blue Jazz: How much is Vegas losing now that they are winning?

Hornets247: This team actually shoots pretty well. Of course, they handle the ball and defend like Beno Udrih.




The Lakers Nation: Yi is playing well. . according to myth, no one actually watches the games so we'll never know for sure

SLC Dunk: Carter deserves every miserable loss.





Bright Side of the Sun: Beat the Hornet and still a crap team. What's that say about you?

At the Hive: I would call them a train wreck, but then what would that make New Orleans?





Hoops Addict: It's a good thing the franchise changed their names a couple seasons back or else journalists would be cracking horrible jokes about the team shooting blanks this season.





At the Hive: There is no way in hell the Clippers are the 3rd worst team in the league. That is all.

At the Hive: Oh, and Baron Davis sucks.




True Blue Jazz: Had my hopes up. Then flushed them down the toilet.

At the Hive: I bet even the Thunder can keep Tony Parker from scoring 55 on them.





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